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This is a compilation of information from different international colleges. This has all of the general information for international institutions in a convenient webpage. U.S. colleges do not usually require much searching to find information like this: there are dozens of books and websites that gather data about US and Canadian colleges into one place, but international colleges are left out. The information here has been compiled from dozens of sources and distilled into a simple format to browse freely.

The colleges listed here have substantial undergraduate curriculums taught in English. Although many schools have Master's programs in English, much fewer have Bachelors' degrees in English and some of them only teach a very limited number of majors.

This website excludes information from countries such as Canada and the U.S. (except for some comparison purposes) because that is readily available elsewhere. I also decided not to include English schools since they are three-year programs, but Scottish and Irish schools are included. For now I have ignored Australia and New Zealand just because I am not interested.

There are no German schools listed because they require a German language proficiency exam. Likewise some of the other schools in other countries require proficiency in their language even if the classes are taught in English.

My goal is to provide those who are interested in international education an opportunity to find their dream college, and to encourage prospective high-schoolers to think beyond American universities.


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