With over ten years of parties, I probably have one of the largest public data sets on this chocolate tastings. This is all dark chocolate, of course, none of your namby-pamby milk stuff. We are talking hard core, with most tastings having a floor of 70%. These chocolates come from all over, but the best tend to come from Europe. The US just hasn’t broken in to the high levels of chocolate making, despite what you may think of the merits of Theo or Scharffen Berger. The best European countries are the ones typically associated with chocolate, Switzerland and Belgium, and ones strong gastronomically, Italy and Spain. Oddly enough, France and Germany aren’t quite as good as those countries.

One of the main points of interest in all this chocolate is that most people’s tastes are different. I run correlations between pairs of my tasters and it is always interesting how little people agree on what is a good chocolate. Generally the average correlation is 0.5 or less, and can reach negative 0.5. So if you disagree with my results, you are not alone.

If you are in need of a chocolate fix. Trader Joe’s is a pretty good place to go. They often have Chocovic, which is one of the best Spanish chocolates, and they always have their pound plus bars, which is a really good chocolate at an unbeatable price.

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