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Top Ten reasons why DVDs are better than tapes:
#10. Old DVDs can be foisted off on naive customers as very large washers
#9. DVDs can be used instead of clay pigeons for target practice
#8.  DVDs can't be used by robbers to tie up the night staff
#7.  Can use DVD as a signaling device when natural disaster strikes
#6.   Since DVDs can double as mirrors, that vain counter person makes fewer trips to the bathroom
#5. Creepy Accountant guy running magnetic tape through his fingers while staring at your neck
#4. Can use collection of old DVDs and AOL CDs to build new house addition
#3. Employees can't use current back-up DVDs as party streamers
#2.   Shiny outdoor DVD mobile sculpture distracts marauding bears

And the #1 reason why DVDs are better than tapes:

#1.  Easy to send your backup DVD across your store through process known as frisbeeing