Drew's Graduate Courses in Business
Yale University
Yale School of Management

Teaching Assistant for Japan in the World Economy
Teaching Assistant for Multinationals and the State

- - - - First Year - - - -

Organizational Behavior (PPM 530) Christopher McCusker (Letter of Commendation)
Individual Decision Making (PPM 515) Barry O'Neill (Letter of Commendation)
Economic Analysis (PPM 520) Katherine O'Regan
Data Analysis and Statistics (PPM 510) Edward Kaplan
Financial Accounting (PPM 500) Rick Antle Project on National Accounting for Natural Resource Depletion.
Business, Government and the International Economy (PPM 580) Mark Mason
Financial Management (PPM 540) Geert Rouwenhorst
Marketing Management (PPM 550) William Putsis
Political Analysis for Management (PPM 560) Douglas Rae
Modern Chinese History (HIST 863) Jonathon Spence
Perspectives in Management Victor Vroom

- - - - Year Two - - - -

Political-Economic Marketing (PPM 994) Ron Shachar, Michael Cohen, Leonard Stern
Competitive Strategies (PPM 525) Barry Nalebuff
Marketing Research (PPM 552) Ramesh Arjunji
Consumer Behavior (PPM 558) Ravi Dhar Project on consumer attitudes towards purchasing over the Internet.
Operations Management I (PPM 571) Albert Ha
Managerial Negotiating (PPM 523) Barry O'Neill Project on Cross-cultural negotiation styles.
Team and Interpersonal Effectiveness (PPM 531) Victor Vroom, Jim Phills
Managing Strategic Change (PPM 538) Jim Phills Project on Reviving Apple Computer
International Marketing (PPM 556) William Putsis Project on Telecommunications Market in Japan.
Product Planning (PPM 557) Subrata Sen Project on the Virtual College: a CD-ROM Brochure for college admissions.

University of California, Irvine
Graduate School of Management

Multicultural Mangement Judith Rosener Theories and practices of managing a diverse workplace
Marketing in Japan Techniques for managing a successful marketing campaign in Japan. Not taken for credit.
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