1. You are standing on a street corner when two ambulances pass you with sirens blaring. One is headed towards the Public Hospital and the other is going to the HMO.
    1. Which one do you follow?
    2. Do you bill for the time you were standing on the street corner or do you deduct that from your taxes?

  2. At 11 PM one night, a meteor strikes your building, hitting your computer and utterly destroying it and all of its contents.
    1. Whom do you sue?

  3. Your computer contained the only copy of the last years' worth of cases you have been working on. Of the 200 cases therein, about ten are still active, the rest have been resolved.
    1. How much in damages do you ask for?

  4. The next day you discover that your cleaning woman has been backing up your hard drive and can restore all of your files.
    1. Do you raise or lower the amount of your suit? By how much?

  5. *The videotape you entered as evidence is exposed by the Department of Justice as being an absolute fraud: completely fabricated to support your position. Do you
    1. Quibble over the meaning of the word "is."
    2. Explain that the government just doesn't understand software.
    3. Quickly falsify another video tape to submit instead.